Soul Retreats

A retreat to rejuvenate, reconnect and re-ENvision your life purpose

Soul Retreats session are offered for 90 minutes or full day Soul Retreats are 4 to 5 hours with lunch included.

During our lifetime, we sometimes loose our soul vitality through traumatic events. Our self image and state of being can be deeply affected by the accumulated memories of the past and we may not have the tools to let go. Through creating a Soul Intention with Jaya, she can assist you to identify patterns that keep you in bondage as well as assist you to open your life path to your new and inspiring potential These sessions uncover the hidden pain of your life, the false image that has been formed from the pain and reveal your truest essence that has remained untouched, innocent, and is waiting as a bubbling spring under the layers of conditioning. You will experience a complete revitalization of your soul.

A Soul Retreat will begin with a healing intention, a clearing  and balancing of your energy fields and  sessions tailored toward your needs which may include Soul Empowerment Sessions,  Intuitive  Energy Healing,  Guided Meditations,  Sound Healing,  and more.  There will be plenty of space allowed for quiet contemplation and journal writing. Beach walking and sunsets with Jaya will be scheduled for your retreat.

To enhance your retreat we offer custom made flower essences, aromatherapy creams, lotions, oils, clearing sprays, custom gemstone bags and waters as well as sacred anointing oils. Jaya’s books and journals are also available to support your healing, including her newest book, “Divine Soul Empowerment Book and Journal, and The Divine Oracle”.

Accommodation not provided but can be arranged. We can arrange local accommodation for 20% off at Salishan Resort for those who are booking retreats or sessions. Vegetarian meals and tea can be arranged. Divine Soul Empowerment book, journal and oracle available for purchase for your retreat.