Have you wondered what your life purpose is? 

know yourself as a spark of the divine

Have you wondered what your life purpose is?  Have you experienced your essence without thought and conditioning?  A Soul Reading with Jaya will assist you to uncover patterns that are blocking you from experiencing your soul without interference from conditioned consciousness, without memories of the past and without the image of your being that clouds your true essence.  This work is profoundly life changing and will guide you back to your most beautiful and radiant self that is in truth free from the scars of miss-identification. 

During a Soul Reading, you will be given a sacred map that invites you to walk your path while clearing blocks that have been and obstacle to your true happiness.  This map may lead  you to reclaiming the lost part of yourself, accepting the hidden power of your  Sacred Self and experiencing the  Divine Blessings that your soul needs to flower into its potential.  These Blessings are the Divine Gifts, of Gratitude, Joy, Surrender, Beauty, Love, Truth, Wisdom, Compassion and more.