Jaya Sarada

Jaya Sarada


I offer you my heart and light as a guide to your true self. My work is deeply is founded in service to God and service to the awakening of all beings.

I offer you my services on the altar of the Divine, adorned with candle of eternal light, a flowering lotus, and a deep prayer for your peace and well being.  I offer my heart of great love and sincere intention to assist you on your path. 


Shannon Pocan

Intuitive Reader and healer

I am an intuitive oracle, tarot, and aura reader, empath, amateur astrologer, lover, and all around co-creator with this beautiful Universe! My true gift being the ability to deeply feel into your energy and to help bring light to areas that might seem dark. 

My readings are meant to help enable you to see where you can bring more unconditional love, compassion and tenderness into your journey and heart.  Leaving the reading with a deeper understanding of yourself, your true essence, and divine mission. I want you to feel genuinely empowered and capable of bringing your highest vision and good into reality, despite the darkness we all struggle with. 

Through sharing our stories, we start to see the intersections where we all meet. My mission in this life is to help people see their own inner light and love; to discover the beautiful Source energy that exists beyond our physical reality that is inside of us always. We have each been given such a beautiful opportunity to experience life and to experience God. My wish for you is to know that you are, and always have been, worthy of being your most authentic self.