Shannon Pocan

Intuitive tarot + oracle reader and healer

I am an intuitive oracle, tarot, and aura reader, empath, amateur astrologer, lover, and all around co-creator with this beautiful Universe! My true gift being the ability to deeply feel into your energy and to help bring light to areas that might seem dark. 

My readings are meant to help enable you to see where you can bring more unconditional love, compassion and tenderness into your journey and heart.  Leaving the reading with a deeper understanding of yourself, your true essence, and divine mission. I want you to feel genuinely empowered and capable of bringing your highest vision and good into reality, despite the darkness we all struggle with. 

Through sharing our stories, we start to see the intersections where we all meet. My mission in this life is to help people see their own inner light and love; to discover the beautiful Source energy that exists beyond our physical reality that is inside of us always. We have each been given such a beautiful opportunity to experience life and to experience God. My wish for you is to know that you are, and always have been, worthy of being your most authentic self.


About Shannon’s Readings

I offer Aura Readings as well in our Gleneden Beach, OR location or at special events.

Intuitive Tarot + Oracle card readings for Life Purpose or Career, Soul Empowerment, Love including Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart / Soulmate  connections, and general guidance.

▪️I work with Tarot and Oracle decks in every reading, typically using 3-4 decks total. I have many decks and use whatever decks I’m intuitively drawn to for the reading based on your energy. 

▪️I work only in the realm of unconditional love and Source energy, I call in Angels and the highest selves of those involved to channel my guidance. My readings will never be based around fear but around empowerment and unconditional love of self and others. I believe love and compassion will heal the world! 

▪️I try to offer actual healing and real world guidance to my clients and not just ego based answers or predictions. YOUR journey is about YOU and your connection to God/Source; about reconnecting with the unconditional love you have inside of you. My readings are meant to help you have faith in your journey and God’s plan while still being honest and compassionate.

▪️Being an amateur astrologer, I also love to incorporate astrology into my readings!


Shannon was very in tune with me. I felt I got an accurate reading and it focused on good things/energies. I would recommend her to anyone. I am going to get my daughter a reading.

- Anne

Spectacular! Seriously, this woman is phenomenal!! Her readings are accurate and deep. They touch your soul to where you can FEEL the truth and sincerity within the reading!!! I cry every time I get a reading & am filled with sooo much hope and love (regardless of whether it’s what I want to hear). Can’t give her enough stars! Thank you!

- Ruby

Amazing connection and reading! Detailed and insightful. Answered all my questions, love how she does her readings and delivers the messages and explains the cards. If you haven’t tried her you need to! Wow just wow! You won’t be disappointed. Just a warm bright beautiful soul too.

- Melissa

I really enjoyed my card reading with Shannon. Really felt good about what she said. She said I would be coming into money. Played slot at Chinook winds and won $2,400.00. Wow! She gave me hope also that I am learning about myself. I will try other services next time I'm in the area.

- Renae

Such a beautiful detailed reading into my situation providing clarity and guidance into my situation to help me stay positive and focused. Really inspiring reading. Thank you so much.

- Bindi