Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

At Turiya we offer one hour readings (additional time if requested). Using a variety of oracles, our readers are deeply intuitive, inspirational and supportive of your life path. You will experience greater possibilities and potential as well be guided to transform and let go of what is no longer serving you.

Telephone and Skype/Video readings are available.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings with Jaya or Shannon

What to expect:

Intuitive Soul Readings with Jaya

During a reading with Jaya she will begin by offering you an energy clearing, as she feels the cards will reflect a deeper clarity when your energy is balanced and in harmony with your hearts wishes. She will assist you in creating a unique soul affirmation, and will use a variety of cards picked specifically for your Soul Reading.

During a reading she will help you create a new blueprint for your life in which she calls your "miracle map" that will guide to manifesting the life you envision; releasing the blocks that may be holding you back in your life

Jaya is a Spiritual Intuitive Guide and Energy Healer who brings to her sessions a lifetime of devotion and experience in assisting others to manifest their dreams, find true joy, and to heal the wounds of the soul.  

 My Sacred Services 

  • Energy Healing and Soul Reconnection

  • Energy Testing, Aura Readings and Healing    

  • Intuitive Light Soul Readings 

  • Divine Soul Awakening

  • Sound Healing and Crystal Energy Attunements

  • Circle of Light Ministry (Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies)

As an energy and soul practitioner, together we will view the window of your soul and reach for the healing and guidance that is most needed for you to connect with your highest potential.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings with Shannon

Intuitive Tarot + Oracle card readings for Life Purpose or Career, Love including Twin Flame and Divine Counterpart / Soulmate connections, Soul Empowerment and general guidance.

▪️I work with Tarot and Oracle decks in every reading, typically using 3-4 decks total. I have many decks and use whatever decks I’m intuitively drawn to for the reading based on your energy. 

▪️I work only in the realm of unconditional love and Source energy, I call in Angels and the highest selves of those involved to channel my guidance. My readings will never be based around fear but around empowerment and unconditional love of self and others. I believe love and compassion will heal the world! 

▪️I try to offer actual healing and real world guidance to my clients and not just ego based answers or predictions. YOUR journey is about YOU and your connection to God/Source; about reconnecting with the unconditional love you have inside of you. My readings are meant to help you have faith in your journey and God’s plan while still being honest and compassionate. 

▪️Being an amateur astrologer, I also love to incorporate astrology into my readings!