Live in Your Potential

You are An expression of Light

During a session with me you will be guided to let go of restrictions and limitations that  hold you in reoccurring mental  patterns that have created blocks  for you to live in your true potential.

Imagine living a life with expansiveness, rather the contraction, allowing and saying "yes" to life. I will guide you to the river of your soul so you may enter freely and experience the joy and freedom of your being.   I will point you to the "beautiful you" that  lives within you, untouched by life's changing experiences. 

My work is founded in deep devotion to Spirit and the Light within you.  As a teacher, healer and author for over 30 years, I will bring to our session complete attention to your true essence.

During our time together,  I will assist you to let go of  mental patterns and discordant emotions. I will offer you guidance to realize your unique soul's gifts  hidden as a gem under these patterns.

Depending on the priority for your well being we will discover together what needs to be observed and healed with love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance.  My sessions include profound life changing dialogue, along with  Divine Light Healing and Clearing using touch, sound, sacred anointing and alignment with your highest self.  

I can arrange local accommodation for 20% off at Salishan Resort for those who are booking retreats or sessions.