Renew your life energy, deepen your connection to your soul’s Divine path, reconnect with your heart and let yourself receive healing light. Healing sessions and intuitive readings at Turiya start at one hour and may be combined with different services to best fit your needs. Tea is offered with every service. For those who are looking for accommodation, we offer 20% off room bookings at Salishan Hotel if you are booking a session with us. Prepayment for sessions is required to confirm your appointment. You will receive a email with an invoice after we receive your reservation request.

Aura Picture Turiya Luminous Oregon Coast

Aura Picture

with Chakra Balancing. Take home your printed aura picture and interpretation.

Aura Picture Turiya Oregon Coast

Energy Tune Up

Crystal Light Amythest BioMat session with Intuitive and Sound Healing.

Sound Healing Bath Depoe Bay Oregon

Sound Bath

Energy alignment with the healing tones of Crystal bowls, chimes & sacred anointing.

The following can be added on to any healing session:

  • Aura Picture and Readings

  • Chakra Balancing/Cleansing

  • Reiki Healing

  • Healing Crystals and Customized Crystal Sets

  • Crystal BioMat Healing Bed

  • Personalized Flower Essence Support Remedies

  • Specialized Aromatherapy Remedies