Jaya Sarada

Jaya Sarada


Jaya Sarada, Energy Practitioner and Sacred Life Guide 

Jaya has spent her life studying alternative healing methods and spiritual transformation. She is deeply devoted to helping others through spiritual and vibrational healing. Jaya has numerous certifications and education in Energy Healing, Transformational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Acupressure, Psych K, Cranial Sacral, Spiritual Response Therapy, Aromatherapy and Flower Essences. She is the author of over 8 books on healing and transformation.

I offer you my heart and light as a guide to your true self. My work is deeply is founded in service to God and service to the awakening of all beings.

I offer you my services on the altar of the Divine, adorned with candle of eternal light, a flowering lotus, and a deep prayer for your peace and well being.  I offer my heart of great love and sincere intention to assist you on your path. 


About Jaya’s Readings

Jaya has been doing "Soul Readings" for over 3 decades. During a reading with Jaya she will begin by offering you an energy clearing, as she feels the cards will reflect a deeper clarity when your energy is balanced and in harmony with your hearts wishes. She will assist you in creating a unique soul affirmation, and will use a variety of cards picked specifically for your Soul Reading.

During a reading she will help you create a new blueprint for your life in which she calls your "miracle map" that will guide to manifesting the life you envision; releasing the blocks that may be holding you back in your life

Jaya is a Spiritual Intuitive Guide and Energy Healer who brings to her sessions a lifetime of devotion and experience in assisting others to manifest their dreams, find true joy, and to heal the wounds of the soul.  

My Sacred Services 

  • Energy Healing and Soul Reconnection

  • Energy Testing, Aura Readings and Healing    

  • Intuitive Light Soul Readings 

  • Divine Soul Awakening

  • Sound Healing and Crystal Energy Attunements

  • Circle of Light Ministry (Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies)

As an energy and soul practitioner, together we will view the window of your soul and reach for the healing and guidance that is most needed for you to connect with your highest potential.  

 The Miracle of Life is your path -The Light of Light is your Joy - The Love within your Soul is your highest essence. Begin each day to embrace your true potential.  I am here to serve and assist you to awaken the God within you!

With Much Love, Grace and Blessings, 
Jaya Sarada



“Jaya is the remarkable and gifted healer! I first met her @ a year ago. I felt an instant connection with her. I needed help with releasing negative energy and getting direction on what my life path is. Jaya taught me how to trust my intuition and to believe that GOD/universe had a plan for me and to trust in the journey. Jaya performed a karmic cleaning that made me feel happier than I had felt in a very long time. I wanted to take that feeling and put out it in a bottle! It was amazing!! I am so thankful and grateful to her for helping me change my life for the better!”

- Sadie


“During one of my darkest hours, I sought spiritual assistance from Jaya Sarada, and as a result I am forever changed. She compassionately showed up for me in my time of need and was able to pinpoint where all my suffering was coming from, and it was complex, complicated and multi-faceted, so it took a real expert with energy healing, intuition and muscle testing to rise to the occasion and help me change myself into a higher state of being. As a result I felt inside, and also saw outwardly in my life, the transformation, and to this day, I still feel that level of abiding “it’s all going to be ok” energy that I didn’t have before, and I consider what I received from Jaya nothing short of true, long lasting healing. I am grateful. I now have a new baseline of existing, and do not get so deep into sorrow anymore ever since those couple appointments I had with her.”

- Katie H.


“Jaya Sarada is a gifted guide, coach, spiritual teacher, and accomplished advocate for self-empowerment through introspection and energetic balancing. Her acute sense of the unseen and unspoken combined with her deep compassion creates a safe space for creating clarity to amplify the gifts you naturally enjoy. Grounded in love, Jaya serves her clients with a wide variety of modalities, finely attuned to what would serve you best in each moment. I have profoundly benefited from my sessions with Jaya, and through her guidance, I have awakened dormant internal support systems, my ideal energetic resonance and access to my untapped capacity allowing me to find my own awakening.”

- Sharon Sayler, MBA, PCC


I have been going through a challenging time in my life...and the Divine Soul Empowerment gifts have been a steady inspiring companion for this journey. ...so grateful! Seems like spirit speaking through when I open to a page and such perfect beautiful oracle guidance magically comes through at the right time. Magical! Divine! Thank you soooo much Jaya!

- Laurie