The Breath of the Divine is Breathing You.


We are private appointment only day retreat and event center located in Gleneden Beach Oregon, where you will receive sessions that inspire, uplift and activate healing in your body, mind and spirit. We can arrange local accommodation for 20% off at Salishan Resort for those who are booking retreats or sessions with us.

A Place for Your Soul to Awaken

Many of us are consumed with the busyness of our life and rarely create time to nurture our true essence as an expression of God. Turiya offers respite from the mental and physical intensity of life and allows for your soul to come to the forefront of your being. Your time at Turiya will assist you to release energy that is not serving your Divine potential and will guide you to receive the beauty, peace, and love of your Sacred source.

Our Vision for You

We hold space for those who wish to experience "Turiya” — a deep rest within your true essence. At Turiya we offer a wide range of services to Empower your Soul, including: Intuitive Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Light Healing, Soul Empowerment Guidance, Chakra & Aura Pictures, Guided Meditations, Day Retreats, Aromatherapy, Gem, & Flower Essence Healing and much more!

We also offer silent Soul Retreats that guide you inward, nurturing your unchanging, light of being.


Come to the beautiful Oregon Coast and spend your day immersed in healing, spiritual upliftment, nature and rest.

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energy healing

Set aside a few hours of your day to create well-being in your body, mind and soul. Regain balance and clarity in your life and rejuvenate your energy.

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Turiya offers various soul revitalizing classes such as meditation, intuitive guidance, energy healing and beach walks.

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Luminous Healing Arts

We offer intuitive energy healing, intuitive oracle readings, Chakra balancing, crystal bowl sound healing, custom healing flower essences and aromatherapy.

Luminous Healing Arts


“The emptying of the self uncovers the purest state of being.”

The sacred code of love  |  jaya sarada



The Sacred River of Grace

Grace is the sacred river behind all of life. It flows in its mysterious way through your lifetime, guiding you, assisting you in the revelation of true reality. All of life’s difficulties are disguised in grace. Each painful experience leads you closer to your eternal stillness of truth and wisdom, healing the cause of sorrow.

Pain and suffering are the result of great grace, showing you where your life needs more love, more attention. Grace is seeing yourself with total honesty, having the humility to take what is seen, knowing that the veil of ignorance that covers your true essence does not exist in reality. Grace is seeing that life is a continues pointer to your reality, timeless and eternal, and that all errors are born in separation from it.

Humility and grace are born from knowing that your true essence is Divine and eternal, seeing that expressions from your personality are not always in the light of your Divine nature. Grace is the clear observation of that which is false, seeing that truth is found in turning away from a separate identity. It is a deep letting go of all that is not of your true self, opening to the light of pure consciousness.

- Living Meditations, Jaya Sarada .


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